Due to the massive interest in Hollywood, the need for your script to stand out above others is more important than ever.

An impressive original script can attract agents, managers, and even writing jobs!

Do you feel your script is ready to represent you?

Did you know:

•  The average writing competition receives over 2,000 scripts a year.

•  100% of writers know what it feels like to wait for feedback. .004% know what it feels like to make it into a Hollywood writing program.


Whether you are comedy or drama writer, experienced or just getting started, I can help you improve your script.

I’ve read and judged thousands of scripts for the Warner Bros. Writers’ Workshop, the toughest, most competitive Workshop in CA. Every year thousands of scripts are passed on and I know what causes their demise. I also know what’s needed to make a script stand out above others.

If you are passionate about becoming a Hollywood writer, believe in your material, and want this to be your year, let’s discuss how we can increase your script’s quality and chances for success.

Learn firsthand why so many writers invest their scripts and creative visions to me.